Leah on Love

The other day Leah was playing in the family room and saw the little boy who lives next door through the window. Although it was closed, the two of them began making faces and funny poses to make each other laugh. This was not the first time that they have played through the window, and they have played outside together a couple of times, even though he is several years older than Leah. I honestly didn’t think much of it, other than it’s pretty cute, until Leah called my mom that night.

“Mana,” I heard her say, “I have a secret love crush on the little boy next door. I have loved him since the first time I saw him!”

My first reaction was to laugh at the hilarity of Leah’s dramatic tone. And then I felt a combination of sadness that my little girl is old enough to have a “secret love crush” and elation at the thought of having a daughter and talking about cute boys like I used to do with my mom.

Dave’s reaction was a bit different. He commented something along the lines of it’s too bad that he is going to have to kill that boy because he kind of liked him.

This is pretty much how Dave feels. Good thing Leah is too young to date for quite some time!

This is pretty much how Dave feels. Good thing Leah is too young to date for quite some time!


4 thoughts on “Leah on Love

  1. Haha that is cute. Well maybe you should set up some play dates with that boy. She might be too young to date but better to let her know from an early age that she can at least see her crushes under your watchful eye 😀

    • That is not a bad idea…I am not sure if the husband will agree to it, though, haha! No, really, he seems like a sweet kid and my husband and Leah have played outside with him. He is way too old for her and I am sure is being nice because she is a cutie, but his interests are not in dating her!

      • Well obviously, I imagine at that age his interests are more along the lines of “how many people can I kill in this video game” lol. It just seems like it might be a fun time, and a precedent that would make your life easier for the whole dating thing in the future 😛

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