It’s Good Wuck!

At Leah’s kindergarten screening I was told that she may need speech therapy next year to fix how she pronounces her R’s and L’s. I guess I am okay with that since it is a free service provided by the school. But at the same time I am going to miss her “Boston” accent and hearing her tell kids on the playground, “Hi, I’m Wee-ah!” And I am really going to miss conversations like this one:

Leah: Mommy, do you know what’s at the end of a wainbow?

Me: A pot of gold?

Leah: Yes! And a wepwechaun!

Me: A wepwechaun?!

Leah: Yeah! Wepwechauns are good wuck!


Oh, and regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to hear that the speech therapist told me “What she lacks in pronunciation, she certainly makes up for in vocabulary!”


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