Leah on Sharing a BFF

Leah and my mom aDSCN1589re two peas in a pod. They are very close, and Leah calls my mom pretty much every night. I am also close to my mom and talk to her every day. I love that my daughter and my mother are so alike and love one another so much.

The only problem is that I rarely get the chance to converse with my mom uninterrupted, and usually when we all get together Leah commandeers her attention. Most of the time I don’t mind, but sometimes we try to talk. It generally doesn’t work!

Today we were planning to go over there for a swim. I asked Leah if she thought Mana would play in the pool with us. Her reply?

“Yes, mom, but remember when we are there it is not all about you and your mom!”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or say, “She was MY best friend first!”


Leah Turns 5

My girl, waving hello to the world.

My girl, waving hello to the world.

Today my baby girl turned five. Actually, she turned 5 right at the moment this post was published- 3:56 am. At that time five years ago, I had been pushing for nearly four hours and I was exhausted. And yet the moment my baby girl came into the world I couldn’t close my eyes, because I could not take them off of her. I remember immediately thinking that she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and even as I think about it now my eyes well up with tears.

That baby girl has grown up to be exactly nothing like I imagined, because she is so much better than anything I could have daydreamed. She is not very much like me. I was and still am quiet and pensive. Leah talks from the moment she wakes until the moment her eyes drift off in sleep. She has a huge personality and is rarely ever shy with anyone. She loves to perform and she loves to make people laugh. She is headstrong and stubborn and has a major attitude at times, but I know she will learn respect and she will mold those attributes into something that allows her to always succeed. Leah is not afraid to cry when she is sad, and sometimes the oddest things make her sad, but I love her passion. She feels so much and lives her life to the fullest. She has a wicked imagination. She is empathetic and hugely in tune with my emotions. She is not always affectionate, but when she chooses to be, she does so with reckless abandon and allows her entire body to sink into mine.

Leah- 5 years old!

Leah- 5 years old!

Leah loves dancing, and princesses, and the color purple. She also loves getting dirty and playing with Hess trucks. She is both a girly diva, and a tomboy. She is perfect in every way.

I am incredibly proud of my smart little girl who is growing up so fast.



A Beautiful Inheritance

I was just sitting her checking my email when I heard the sound of Leah crying in her room. She was supposed to be picking up her toys for the night, and because this is often the case, I assumed she had hurt herself.

“Leah!” I called, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell you!” She called back tearfully.

My mind switched gears and at this point I figured she had broken something and was afraid of getting into trouble.

“Come out here!” I called.

Leah emerged, red faced with watery eyes. She was sobbing like her little heart was broken.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” I asked her gently.

“I just can’t tell you.” She answered. This went on for a moment until I told her that if she wouldn’t tell me why she was crying she would go to bed.

“Okay,” she said. She climbed up next to me on the couch and leaned in, cupping her delicate little hands around my ear and whispered, “The reason I am crying is because I miss the book we just finished.”

We had been reading Leah’s first chapter book and last night we finished it up. My heart immediately went out to my daughter. As an avid reader I can totally relate to that empty feeling of loss when you finish a really great book. You get so invested in the characters and you wish you could know more of their story.

I pulled Leah into my arms and held her and told her that there are books I have read over and over again. I told her it’s important to keep reading new books so you can learn new stories, but that you can always go back to a favorite. It feels like visiting an old friend when you do. At that moment I felt proud, because my daughter, who is my polar opposite in so many ways, shares my love of words and stories. She has inherited something from me after all, and it is something so beautiful.


p.s. if anyone has any recommendations for chapter books I can read with her, bring them on! I think the one she enjoyed so much was around a 2nd or 3rd grade level. Nothing scary as she has nightmares, but anything with horses, fairies, princesses, or just regular girls she would love!


Leah’s First Eye Exam

The eye doctor was a cranky old man who completely ignored me when I told him that Leah doesn’t quite know ALL of the letters by sight yet. He looked into her eyes and said she has a slight astigmatism, the same as her mama. He then spent an inordinate amount of time flipping the lenses, asking Leah to tell him whether the letters looked “cwear” or “bwuwwy”.

I was completely focused on Leah, sure that he was going to tell me she needed glasses. She was very enthusiastic and exact as she declared each lens good or not. Finally he flipped one over and Leah proclaimed, “Now, THAT is perfect!”

The old coot didn’t even crack a smile. He then told me that her eyes are fine without glasses for now. All my worry was for nothing. And that was the moment that I looked down at my son, who had been squirming in my arms and realized that I was covered in poop.

Now, THAT is a mommy moment.

I Confess- I’m a Helicopter Mom

And I don’t get why that term is so derogatory. Yes, I may be a bit crazy at times. I may get upset if I have to miss a field trip or a class party when Leah goes to school. My heart skips a beat if I look away for a moment and lose my visual of Leah at the playground. And Dave and I recently vetoed a trip to the city with his Dad.

Still, though, I refuse to see my hyper vigilant ways as a bad thing. My children are safe, and well adjusted. There will come a day when Leah rolls her eyes over not being allowed to go to the mall by herself yet, and she will whine about me making her take Driver’s Education before I let her take the road test. But I do it because I love my babies more than life itself. I never want anything bad to happen to them and I have a lot of ground rules to keep them safe.

So, call me a helicopter parent if you must. Roll your eyes, whisper to your mom friends and judge away. I can only parent the way I know best, and this is it.

Happy Birthday to my Stepdad!

That’s right, my two dads birthdays fall into the same week! You would think it would make celebrating them both difficult, but really it doesn’t. That is because I am so lucky to have two dads who love me enough to understand that I love them both, separately but equally.

My stepdad has taught me so much, from how to save up for things that you want to “turning a can-do into a will-do”. I love and appreciate him so much, and I can’t believe how well he jumped into fatherhood to a crazy 8 year old girl who won him over by admitting she had just picked a wedgie (I was a real classy kid). JC, I love you tons and I hope you have a great day!

Got Your Nose!

I was just making Christopher laugh and I pretended like I ate his nose. He giggled, but also gave me a look with a little bit of worry while he put his hand immediately to his nose. Just making sure it was still there!

It reminded me of when my brother was a baby and I pretended to steal his nose. We were in the car and he was laughing…until I threw the nose out the window of the moving vehicle. That poor kid’s face crumpled and he cried like his little heart was broken.

Now that he is a teenager we laugh about it, but I still feel pretty bad! So…no stealing or eating noses unless you are willing to return them!