Before the Chaos

Christopher is five months old today, and he is already “busy”! He is rolling both ways and has figured out how to combine rolling with laying on his back and pushing himself backwards with his legs to get around. He is grabbing for everything he can get his little hands on. He is a baby on the go, and each day is a new adventure for him, Leah, and me.

So quickly gone are the days of just holding him in my arms for hours, he and I gazing into each others eyes. I am so glad I enjoyed that fleeting time so much, because it was over so fast.

In the morning, before the chaos of the day, I get my cuddles. When Christopher awakens, all toothless grins but still bleary with sleep, I pick him up and he puts his soft little head down on my shoulder. He nuzzles his face into me as I inhale his baby smell. I gently sway back and forth, doing the mommy rock, and enjoying these first few moments of my baby’s day.

The weight of a child’s head upon your shoulder is possibly the sweetest feeling in the world, no matter how old your child is.

Suddenly, something will catch Christopher’s eye, and the moment is over. He will lift his head up, and his whole body wiggles with excitement. He begins arching his back and reaching his chubby little baby hands out, his way of saying, “Put me down, Mommy! I’ve got stuff to do!”


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