I Confess- I’m a Helicopter Mom

And I don’t get why that term is so derogatory. Yes, I may be a bit crazy at times. I may get upset if I have to miss a field trip or a class party when Leah goes to school. My heart skips a beat if I look away for a moment and lose my visual of Leah at the playground. And Dave and I recently vetoed a trip to the city with his Dad.

Still, though, I refuse to see my hyper vigilant ways as a bad thing. My children are safe, and well adjusted. There will come a day when Leah rolls her eyes over not being allowed to go to the mall by herself yet, and she will whine about me making her take Driver’s Education before I let her take the road test. But I do it because I love my babies more than life itself. I never want anything bad to happen to them and I have a lot of ground rules to keep them safe.

So, call me a helicopter parent if you must. Roll your eyes, whisper to your mom friends and judge away. I can only parent the way I know best, and this is it.


2 thoughts on “I Confess- I’m a Helicopter Mom

  1. My don is only two weeks old so I’ve not had the school experience yet but I definitely do that in my house. I’m always right next to him and never wanna let people hold him unless they wash up to their elbows and are in clean clothes and sitting down. I thin part of that is from him being a preemie I am over paranoid but I feel like I will continue to “hover” for the rest of his life.

    • You likely will, and that’s okay! My philosophy is that we have children so that we can be there to watch them grow and see all of their milestones and accomplishments. It is our job to keep them safe as well! Congratulations on your new baby!

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