Leah’s First Eye Exam

The eye doctor was a cranky old man who completely ignored me when I told him that Leah doesn’t quite know ALL of the letters by sight yet. He looked into her eyes and said she has a slight astigmatism, the same as her mama. He then spent an inordinate amount of time flipping the lenses, asking Leah to tell him whether the letters looked “cwear” or “bwuwwy”.

I was completely focused on Leah, sure that he was going to tell me she needed glasses. She was very enthusiastic and exact as she declared each lens good or not. Finally he flipped one over and Leah proclaimed, “Now, THAT is perfect!”

The old coot didn’t even crack a smile. He then told me that her eyes are fine without glasses for now. All my worry was for nothing. And that was the moment that I looked down at my son, who had been squirming in my arms and realized that I was covered in poop.

Now, THAT is a mommy moment.


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