Leah Turns 5

My girl, waving hello to the world.

My girl, waving hello to the world.

Today my baby girl turned five. Actually, she turned 5 right at the moment this post was published- 3:56 am. At that time five years ago, I had been pushing for nearly four hours and I was exhausted. And yet the moment my baby girl came into the world I couldn’t close my eyes, because I could not take them off of her. I remember immediately thinking that she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and even as I think about it now my eyes well up with tears.

That baby girl has grown up to be exactly nothing like I imagined, because she is so much better than anything I could have daydreamed. She is not very much like me. I was and still am quiet and pensive. Leah talks from the moment she wakes until the moment her eyes drift off in sleep. She has a huge personality and is rarely ever shy with anyone. She loves to perform and she loves to make people laugh. She is headstrong and stubborn and has a major attitude at times, but I know she will learn respect and she will mold those attributes into something that allows her to always succeed. Leah is not afraid to cry when she is sad, and sometimes the oddest things make her sad, but I love her passion. She feels so much and lives her life to the fullest. She has a wicked imagination. She is empathetic and hugely in tune with my emotions. She is not always affectionate, but when she chooses to be, she does so with reckless abandon and allows her entire body to sink into mine.

Leah- 5 years old!

Leah- 5 years old!

Leah loves dancing, and princesses, and the color purple. She also loves getting dirty and playing with Hess trucks. She is both a girly diva, and a tomboy. She is perfect in every way.

I am incredibly proud of my smart little girl who is growing up so fast.




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