When Christopher was born, Leah stopped cuddling with me for awhile. She was good to her brother and did not lay a guilt trip on me for ending her reign as only child, but this was her one rebellion. She would cuddle her Daddy, her brother, her Mana, but not me.

This went on for 4-5 months. At first I fought it and tried to force my little girl into my arms, but that only angered her and pushed her farther away. And so, I waited for her to come back to me.

Recently, she did. She crawls into my lap and lays her head on my shoulder once more. It is blissful. It is also different. The last time she snuggled up with me, she was soft. She fit perfectly in my lap. Now she has to fold herself up, and she is all long limbs and sharp angles.

When did this happen? When did my baby girl lose all of her baby “chub” and become this tanned, long legged, beautiful girl?

Still, though, she will always be my baby and I am always reminding her of that. And so I gather her up- legs, angles, and edges, and fold her into my arms. She still fits perfectly, and I suspect that she always will.


2 thoughts on “Limbs

  1. So sweet – and glad to hear she came back to you! My almost 5-year-old is tall and skinny – and same thing, she just scrunches up and it’s different, but equally perfect.

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