Clandestine Mom Time

If I want to have a real, uninterrupted conversation with my mom, we have to plan a secret dinner. I have to literally sneak out of my house before Leah sees my mom’s car, and tell her that I am having dinner with a friend.

Last night my mom and I went for pedicures and dinner. We have been planning on it for a few weeks now and finally had an evening that worked for both of us. We relaxed while our toes were being done, chatted, chatted, and chatted some more.

I was home just in time to tuck Leah into bed. I showed her my pretty piggies.

“Mom,” she asked me, “Is your friend a boy or a girl?”

She said the word friend with the same inflection as someone who was doing air quotes.

“A girl.” I answered her.

“Really?” She asked, narrowing her eyes at me. “And what color did she get her nails painted?”

“Ummm, red like mine. But darker.” I answered cautiously.

I will not be surprised to find Leah inspecting my mom’s toes the next time we see her. I think she is on to us!


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