Rub a Dub Dub, Two Kids in a Tub

Since my kids are 4 1/2 years apart there really hasn’t been any reason to stick them in the bath together. Tonight, however, it happened. Dave was late getting home. Leah really needed her hair washed (there was something sticky in it! Eww!) and Christopher was covered in the yogurt melts he was chomping on while Leah and I ate dinner. So, I filled up the bathtub and put them in there together.

It was going pretty well. I had to hold onto Chris since he is just learning to sit on his own and I didn’t want him toppling over into the water. He did manage to stick his face in and drink some, though, and came up sputtering. I immediately stood him up so I could pat his back. He caught his breath, smiled at me, then looked down at himself as he began to pee into the water.

I was waiting for my little drama queen Leah to say, “Gross!!!” and demand that I empty the tub and refill it with fresh water. Instead she giggled and exclaimed,

“That’s funny ’cause I did the same thing when we first got in here!”

Oh motherhood, you are full of surprises.


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