Busy Boy

My little guy intently watching his sister blow bubbles.

My little guy intently watching his sister blow bubbles.

Christopher is six months old now and he has such a personality already. He certainly keeps me on my toes! He is mobile and gets around very quickly by scooching on his back or army crawling. He can sit on his own quite well, the only problem being that he nearly gives me a heart attack when he decides he has places to go and just throws himself forward.

He is very mischievous and gives me this killer grin whenever he is getting into something. When I hold him he is usually reaching out his pudgy little arms for anything that he can possibly get his hands on. I watch him sometimes and I can see the wheels turning in his head. I know that he is planning out how he is going to get into something new.

Just like his Daddy, my little man is fascinated by how things work. He gets this serious expression on his face and concentrates hard on things. At the same time, though, he can be a goof and loves to laugh.

Leah is the one who can get him to laugh the hardest. He will get going to the point where he is sighing and trying to catch his breath. The only sound in the world better than my baby laughing is both of my babies laughing together.

It is hard to believe that one year ago I was just feeling the first flutters of movement letting me know each day that my baby was there, growing inside of me. I didn’t know for another month that we were even having a boy. And yet, here he is- this perfect little person who fits into our family so perfectly it feels like he has always been here.


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