Tales From the Baby Monitor

Christopher said “Mama” last week for the first time! When Leah was a baby and spoke that magic word for the first time, I literally screamed in joy. I wound up scaring the heck out of her and then she refused to say it again for months.

Christopher seemed to choose his time to say it deliberately. For weeks I have been telling him, “Say mama! Mamamama…” He would smile at me and then reply, “Dada!” Now more than ever I am convinced that he had it all figured out and was just waiting for the perfect moment.

It came while I was making dinner. He was in his bouncer and was fussing, but not enough for me to stop what I was doing and burn the food. Finally, in a very exasperated tone, he got my attention by declaring, “Ma ma!” I turned around and froze for a moment, collecting myself and resisting the urge to shriek with joy again.

Since then he has been proudly using his new favorite word, especially when he wants my attention. Last night was the first time that instead of crying or yelling when he woke up hungry, I awoke to the sound of him calling “Mama! Mamamamama! Mama!” I smiled and got out of bed rather enthusiastically for a mom at 3am, but really nothing can get me down when I hear my son calling for me.

I made a stop in the bathroom first, and that is when he took on his exasperated tone again and his call changed to, “Moooooom! Mom!”

Of all the titles I hold- wife, friend, daughter, sister, woman- Mama will forever be the BEST.


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