It’s amazing how quickly things change when you have kids. One minute your daughter is just entering the world, and the next she is getting ready for kindergarten.

The past eight months have just flown by for me. Everyone here in Upstate NY says that last winter was long and snowy, but I was not even aware of the weather outside. That is partly because I was sleep deprived and trying desperately to divide my time between my daughter and my new baby, and partly because I was just reveling in the joy that my expanding family gave me.

This summer has flown also. It was just May! We were just figuring out how we were going to manage a dance recital and a wedding all in one weekend. We were just getting excited by Christopher’s first smile and encouraging him to roll over. Now he is crawling and just this past week he has begun pulling himself up.

One tentative try, using the open door of the dryer as I folded laundry. That was all it took my little mischief monkey, and now he is pulling up on anything that he can reach. He has discovered a whole new world of things that he couldn’t see, let alone reach, before. Summer is ending and so is the infant stage for my son.

It is a little sad, but one thing I have learned as a mother is to enjoy every phase your children go through, even ones that are challenging. Before you know it, they will move on to something new. Chris may prefer to try some gymnastics moves while nursing now, rather than snuggling into me and staring up at my face, but that’s okay. He now calls for mama at night and crawls up and hugs my leg when he wants me.

Your children will never stop needing you. It’s just the ways in which they need you that evolve.


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