People let me tell you about my best friend

A post by my friend, Ashley. It’s about me! 😉


20 years ago I was a nervous 5 year old heading to school for the first time. I took the big girl bus and headed into my kindergarten classroom and that’s where I met her. My BFF. The macaroni to my cheese. I don’t really remember much about those first years of friendship but I do remember we had some fun play dates with yummy Italian dinners made by her dad and playing Barbies. Something we would still enjoy today.

At some point in our elementary friendship she moved away. Life went on for both of us. New friendships were made for both of us. This was the time pre-facebook so you couldn’t stalk your friend online that moved away. In High School she moved back into my life. From the moment we started talking it was instant friendship all over again. It was like we had never been apart…

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