Don’t Steal My Spotlight!

Leah loves to dance and perform, which I am sure is no surprise to those who follow this blog and read it regularly. Lately, I have noticed that her personality is somehow this odd combination of my mother’s toughness and silliness, and my father-in-law’s sassy attitude.

Last weekend we were in my father-in-law’s apartment visiting with family, so of course Leah had to put on a show. She shushed us all so that she could begin, then turned to her grandpa and said, “Grandpa Rich, I guess you can dance with me.”

“Oh, I can?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said, and then added almost as an afterthought, “but you better not get out of control!”

The best part is that it sounded exactly like something Grandpa Rich would say. Nobody steals his spotlight, and nobody puts Leah in a corner, er, I mean steals her spotlight, either!


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