Love = Love

We do not use the word ‘gay’ in my house. That’s right, you read it correctly.

We do not use the word gay, not because it is a bad word, or because we are homophobic. We are actually just the opposite. It’s just that we have never felt the need to put a label on love. Not for ourselves, not for anyone else, and not when we define love, or even marriage, for our children.

That is why my five year old, Leah, never even bat an eye when he told her her Grandpa was marrying another man. She instantly adopted him as another Grandpa, her “Pippy”, and managed to get him wrapped around her finger pretty quickly.

We do not need to explain to our daughter anything about this marriage, other than the fact that it is the joining of two people who love each other. Which is how we would explain ANY marriage, for that matter. I am so glad that we are raising our children to love and to appreciate and support all forms of love. There is no prejudice in my home, and Grandpa is still the same awesome Grandpa he always has been.

My wish is that the whole world could see it that way, and that every man and every woman could have the support they deserve when they are marrying someone they love, regardless of gender.


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