Leah on The Foundations of Lasting Relationships

The other day I was brushing Leah’s hair, when I commented that she is so beautiful her Daddy would have to beat the boys off with a bat.

“What do you mean?” she asked me.

“It’s just a joke,” I explained. “Later when boys want to date you, Daddy won’t like it too much. He doesn’t want his little girl to grow up.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well, I HAVE been really thinking about Brayden, from my class, to marry.”

“You have?” I asked her. “What is it about Brayden that makes you think he would be a good husband for you?”

“Well,” she replied, “We both have a really wiggly tooth that won’t come out, and that just makes me feel like we are PERFECT for each other! Plus, sometimes I catch him looking at me, like he just can’t even keep his eyes off of me.”

Will a loose tooth and a puppy love infused stare be enough to create a committed relationship? Stay tuned (for at least 20 years) to find out!


Just a Thought

People are always telling kids to enjoy childhood, because “it’s the best time of your life!”

While I most certainly want my children to enjoy this time, when responsibilities are minimal and imagination takes them to places adults can never dream of, I have to disagree that it’s the best time of life.

Parenthood is the best time. Being pregnant, giving birth, watching your infant grow into a toddler, and your toddler grow into a child. First steps, first days of school, and every milestone in between. Watching in wonder as the little people you created learn new things and develop personalities.

Nothing beats this, and nothing can ever come close.

Thank You Veterans!

Since today is Veteran’s Day, and Leah therefore had the day off from school, I decided that it was important that she knew exactly what that means. I explained to her that the military is made up of men and women who volunteer to protect our country.

I told her that the Navy protects our waters.

I told her that the Army protects our land.

I told her that the Air Force protects our skies.

“And the marines,” I said.

“I know!” she cut me off excitedly, “The marines make people who don’t have a special someone feel better on Valentine’s Day!”

Huh, I guess next year we’ll try again.

On behalf of my whole family, I would like to thank all of those who serve, have served in the past, and their families. It is you amazing people who make it so that our children today can be innocent enough to think that not having a special someone on Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest problems a person can face. While it is very important to me for my children to know just how special and awesome veterans and military personnel are, I am also grateful that they can live in a world that doesn’t include fear because of those very people.

Miss Understanding

The other day Leah came home from school and told me, “Mrs. B said that when I grow up I am going to live really, really far away!”

I asked, “She did? How does she know?”

“I don’t know. That’s just what she said.”

“Wait a minute, Leah,” I said, “Did she say that you are going to go far?”


I am just tickled by semantics when it comes to kids, and the way in which they interpret phrases that adults think nothing of.

Also, Mrs. B, I agree with you. My girl is going to go far! I just hope that she doesn’t move really, really far away to do so!


my little man is 10 months and 1 day old…and he took his first step! I was trying to get a picture of him in his turkey hat and Thanksgiving onesie. He held onto my hand as I snapped the photo, and then immediately after, he let go and took a step towards me! He is getting so big!


Let’s Hear A Round of Applause For Mama!

Yesterday morning Christopher woke up around 5:30, and so I brought him into my bed for some snuggling (also more sleep for me!) Around seven he began to stir again, and was fussing and whining as he awoke.

Suddenly, my little guy opened his eyes and saw me laying there next to him. His eyes lit up, and he began to clap! Yay, my mommy is right here with me!

What a way to start my day off, and what a wonderful moment. Being a mama deserves applause sometimes!

It’s All About Perspective

Leah really enjoys taking the bus to school. She has made friends on that bus, which is great for her. For Dave and I, however, it is not so great. We want her to have friends- school friends, bus friends, friends galore! It’s just that the bus comes at 6:40 am, while if we drive her in we do not have to leave until 7:20 am. Big difference, right?

We compromise by letting her take the bus most days, but about once or twice per week one of us drives her to school. Lately, however, she has been pretty obstinate about wanting to ride the bus and giving us attitude if we discuss the possibility of driving her in the following morning.

Last night she insisted she needed to ride the bus today and we agreed to it. This morning, however, 5:30 came quite early. The alarm went off and I groaned. Dave got up and went into the bathroom and I didn’t move. He came back and reset his alarm for 6:15. We nodded sleepily in agreement. The extra 45 minutes of Z’s would be worth any backlash from Ms. Sassypants.

6:15 showed up quickly, but we both felt better prepared to handle the day at that point. CW was stirring in his bed, so I got him up to feed him while Dave went to wake Leah. Apparently, it went something like this:

Dave: It’s time to get up!

Leah: No!! I want more sleep. I don’t want to get up at 5:30 today!

Dave: It’s almost 6:30…you already got more sleep.

Leah: Oh.

She proceeded to get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and brush her teeth with no more issue. It’s funny how even after having more sleep she thought she needed more, until she realized she had already had it. And if you followed that last sentence you should get a medal!

So, the moral of the story is, sometimes we all need a little extra sleep. Even Leah.