These Little Moments

I have been a very bad blogger lately, and for that I apologize. Between Leah’s antics, full time school, and CW learning how to walk (that’s right, he is walking!) life has been a bit hectic.

Christopher turned 11 months old the other day, and I have to say I forgot how wonderful and amazing this stage of babyhood is. I love the surge of pride mixed with a tiny bit of sadness I get whenever he does something new. He very quickly progressed from trying out a few shaky steps to becoming a full fledged walker. He is also saying some words- mama, dada, hi, uh-oh, and ow. He plays peek-a-boo and does “So Big!”

The other day at the market he saw these big, sparkly Christmas ornaments hanging down from the ceiling and all of a sudden he was pointing to one with his chubby little finger. When did he learn to point?? He also started nodding ‘Yes’ whenever I ask him a question.

Yesterday took the cake, however. We have neighbors who only live next to us part-time. It had snowed, and so yesterday one of their grown children came by to shovel their driveway and walkway. She brought with her this beautiful German Shepard, and he was happily running laps around the house in the snow. Christopher stood in the playroom window, watching, laughing, and shaking with glee.

He saw the woman out there and he actually began to knock on the window, steadily, until she looked up. When she saw my little angel’s face she grinned and waved to him, and then- he waved back!! It was so adorable. He has never once waved before, but he knew just what to do.

I have to share this here mainly for myself, so I can look back on these tiny little moments that are so fleeting in my children’s lives, and cherish them forever.


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