This is America!

When my mom gets tired she gets bothered by the most random little things. And I find that hilarious in and of itself, but it gets better! She will go off on these crazy rants at the most inopportune times about the random things that bug her.

With that tid-bit of information in mind, here is a great story. CW is walking! When he began, about a month ago, my mom mentioned that now she would have to get him some sneakers.

boot“Oh,” I replied, “I already got him these cute suede booties with a soft bottom he can wear.” I held them up for her to admire, and in my mind she thought they were adorable. Boy was I wrong!

Yesterday we took the kids and hit up the local Osh Kosh outlet near us. As soon as we walked in the door she made a beeline to a bin of sneakers, pulled out a pair in Chris’ size, and tried one on his foot.

“I have to get him these! They are only $9.99!”

I figured it was a great deal and gave him some variety in his footwear. At the register, however, my mom handed the sneakers over to the cashier and remarked,

“Mana can’t wait to put these on you as soon as we get in the car. Then I can take off those stupid things mommy got you!”

“Wait!” I exclaimed, “You don’t like his little booties I got for him?”

“No!” she raved (and thus it began!), “They are stupid. I mean, what country do you think this is? Huh? This is AMERICA! And in America we wear sneakers! Especially little boys, and most especially my grandson!”

I laughed hysterically, especially after seeing the expression on the face of the bewildered cashier. You see, I mentioned that these rants tend to happen when my mom is tired, and yesterday was like a set-up for an epic rant. She watched both kids while I got my hair cut, CW skipped his nap, and then we drove 40 minutes to go shopping (she hates shopping) only to arrive with a whiny Leah who refused to try on overalls, and a screechy Christopher who wanted to wreak havoc. So, when the rant happened, I wasn’t all that surprised, although it was amusing that it was directed at the boots I had carefully searched for and purchased for my new walker.

Today, I dutifully put Christopher’s new sneakers on him before we went to the market. I then snapped a photo of the sneaker upon his foot and captioned it “‘Cause this is America!”



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