The Epitome of Christopher

All parents know that babies have a tendency to develop personalities that they end up carrying with them through life. I, for one, definitely think you can predict the kind of person your child will grow up to be based on early personality signs. Christopher has already developed quite the personality. Rather than describe him to you all, I am just going to share with you something that happened last night, and this story is the epitome of my little guy.

It was bedtime and Chris was getting sleepy. I brought him into his room, turned on Tranquil Turtle, and sat down in the rocking chair. I quietly hummed ‘You Are My Sunshine’ like I always do. For a few minutes he was restless and kept pointing his chubby little fingers at things in the room, straining to get to them. Finally, he settled in with his head on my chest. After about five minutes he felt heavier and I figured that if he wasn’t asleep he was at least close.

Then, all of a sudden, he sprang up in my arms with this huge, mischievous grin, and yelled, “Boo!” It scared the ever living heck out of me! He was so proud of himself!

That’s my boy!


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