Unofficial Blogging Hiatus

That’s what I’ve been on. What would have made it official, you ask? Well, I think it would have been official if it were planned and if I had told you I wouldn’t be blogging for awhile. However, I did not plan to be away for so long. Life just happens, I guess.

We had the holidays, which I feel were the busiest holiday season of my adult life thus far, though still wonderful and amazing. I still get warm and fuzzy inside thinking of all the Christmas movies we watched, how we decorated (and CW undecorated) the tree, the music, and the light in my children’s eyes.

Almost immediately after the holidays was Christopher’s first birthday! We had a big party to celebrate and he had a blast, walking around carrying a dozen balloons (no joke!) and greeting all of his guests.

The following week Leah had surgery to remove her tonsils and adenoids. That was probably my worst parental experience as of yet- seeing my little girl terrified, waiting and being terrified myself, and then seeing her in pain and that pain lasting a full week.

Last week Leah went back to school, and since my semester had started the previous week, I had to play catch up myself. Oh, and I got a part-time job which I also started the week that Leah was home from her surgery! Crazy, right?

So, I am here. I can’t promise that I will be the best blogger, posting fascinating tid-bits throughout the week. But I will do my best to post, to share glimpses into my beautiful life with my wonderful children.

Oh, and a shout-out to my mom today! It’s the 2nd Anniversary of her 50th Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!


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