Snowfall in March

Blech! More snow?!! That is what most of us here in the Northeast have been thinking. It’s March, it’s snowing, and we are filling your Facebook newsfeed with our whining, moaning, and complaining about it. Today, however, as the snow fell down outside, I took a moment to think back to November of this year, when we had our first snowfall.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and everyone was in a panic about travel plans, the roads, etc! Since my family is all close by, I didn’t have to worry. My husband was out working, but his truck drives really well on wet, slushy roads. The house was warm and quiet and both of my babies were home. Christopher happened to take a great, long nap that day, affording me a rare mommy-daughter day with Leah. We sat at her little table right next to the front window, stringing beads and watching the snow fall gently from the sky outside.

In November, snow is a promise of things to come. Holidays, magic, laughter, and love and that will fill your home and your heart during the season. Outside it is cold, but somehow, the first snowfall always represents the warmest warmth that you will feel all year round. I felt cozy and content on this particular day, and full of hope.

Somehow, between fall and spring, the holiday magic dissipates, the warmth turns ice cold, and we begin to hate the snow. We loathe the winter. The beautiful untouched white of November has become dirty and messy looking. It has begun melting, frozen over, been rained on, and snowed on some more. We are damp and chilly, and our feet are cold. We long for the sunshine to warm our faces and thaw our hearts.

Today, though, with a single memory of a moment in time I could never get back, I embraced the snow. At least as much as I possibly could. I am not going to throw some boots on and make a snow angel, but I enjoyed another quiet day indoors with my children. I filled my home with laughter and love, and I felt warm from the inside out. Mirroring the beginning of the season, Chris took another great nap, and I had another precious hour of time with my sweet girl.

If you are in the Northeast and you are cold and damp, remember it will be over soon, and try to hang on to November. Love can happen in any season, and if you let it in, it just might warm you up.


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