Pot Holder Paradox

One of CW’s favorite things to do when I am in the kitchen doing anything is to open up the drawers and pull everything out. I have baby locks on the drawers that contain knives, but there are two that he can get into. One houses all of his bibs, and the other all of my dish cloths and pot holders.

I used to have five pot holders. Two were matching sets, and then one random one. About a month ago I realized that I was missing two pot holders, one from each of the sets. I searched high and low, but I couldn’t find the darn things anywhere!

Chris has a habit of moving things around on me, but usually I find whatever he hid within a few days. This time a few days passed by, and then a few more, and then a couple of weeks. Still no pot holders!

I had all but given up, figuring I would find them someday down the road when we are packing up to move or something. Then yesterday I took the kids down the road to the recycling center. I use those reusable shopping bags to hold the recycling in my pantry. When two or three of them are full, we go to the center and dump everything out.

Leah gleefully helped me pluck milk jugs from the bags, one by one, and watched as they tumbled down the shoot. It was cute, but the wind was blowing and I was getting antsy, so I picked up the last bag and said to Leah,

“Watch this!” as I dumped the entire contents down the shoot.

And then I watched as two pot holders fluttered gracefully and landed atop the pile of plastic, glass, cardboard, and newspaper below. Well…mystery solved!


2 thoughts on “Pot Holder Paradox

  1. I’ve been there as well. My son loved to take my plastic storage containers outside to use when he catches lizards from the back porch. I would find them all over the place containing some dirt and a dead lizard.

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