Table Manners

It’s funny how a second child learns things that were such difficult concepts for the first child, with ease. Just from observing the rest of us, Christopher already uses a fork. One day I gave him one, just to see what happened. I fully expected him to play with it and then throw it on the floor. Nope, he immediately picked it up, stabbed a piece of food and ate it. All while giving me a look that said, “Finally! I was so tired of eating with my hands like some barbarian!”

Of course, don’t get me wrong, he still totally double fists his mac and cheese when it is just so delicious and he is so hungry that he doesn’t have the patience for utensils. And he puts his piggies up on the table and laughs, and occasionally throws food on the floor for the dog we don’t have.

But, when he is finished with his meal, he puts his fork and cup on this plate, and gently pushes the whole thing towards me. I don’t know where he learned that, but I think he is well on his way to growing up a gentleman.


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