Mrs. Sippy

“What can daddies fix?” My Dad used to ask me, as he popped a head back onto a Barbie doll.

“Anything!” I would scream enthusiastically.

It wasn’t until I was a teenager, bummed out from the end of a high school romance, heartbroken by the death of a loved one, or disappointed in myself for a not so great grade, that my Dad confessed something to me. He couldn’t really fix EVERYTHING. Give him a toy, any toy, and he could repair it with super glue. But a broken heart? Not so much.

As parents we want to fix everything for our children, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Earlier this week Leah came to me and told me that her best friend in the whole world is moving away.

“She’s moving really far,” Leah said, her eyes welling up. “They are staying with some lady her Daddy knows named Mrs. Sippy.”

I swallowed back my chuckle at her misunderstanding that they are actually moving to Mississippi and hugged my daughter. It was Tuesday morning and they were leaving on Friday. I didn’t know what to do. Was it best to fill the week with playdates so that she could savor these last few moments with her first best friend, or would it be better to distract her with other things?

I decided that play dates were the way to go, and my week has therefore been filled with the sounds of little girl laughter and Taylor Swift drifting out of Leah’s bedroom, paining teeny tiny little finger nails, and watching as the girls ran around the house screaming, as my husband was chasing them around with our remote control flying shark.

Today will be the little girl’s last day at school, and tonight they leave for their new home. My heart is broken, but probably not as much as Leah’s. I have done the best I can to cheer her up, but nothing I can do will really make it better.

Over the course of Kindergarten I have had the pleasure of meeting several of Leah’s friends, but out of all of them, little ‘M’ and her sister were such a pleasure to have playing at my house. They are sweet and polite, and they all had a great time playing together. I am sure that Leah will have many friends that will come and go, but I truly hope that she will never forget her first “bestie”.


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Sippy

  1. So so hard. I’m keeping the secret that one of my daughter’s friends is moving across the country this summer. There will be tears at our house too.

    • Oh no! How old is your daughter? It is truly heartbreaking. We had asked the Dad to send us their new address, but so far we haven’t heard anything and I don’t think that we will. I was hoping my little girl would be distracted and move on, but she is still making pictures for her friend and hoping to mail them out.

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