Squeezed In

My Mom and Stepdad have a big house, and it’s one that kids love to play in. The layout allows for lots of running, plenty of room to spread out with toys, and lots of places to hide. They are also very laid back grandparents and there isn’t much in the house that is off limits.

Last Sunday we were over for dinner. After the dishes were done I had to put a spaghetti covered CW into the tub (seriously, I opened up his diaper and spaghetti went everywhere!) When I had a clean baby, I wandered out of the bathroom and Leah had disappeared with my mom. Eventually, my Stepdad brought me upstairs to show me their “hideout”. In the guest bedroom there is a neat closet that has two doors. Leah had apparently discovered it that day and had brought in a comforter and some pillows. We found her in nestled under the eaves in the closet with my mom. So, what else could JC and I do but crawl into the closet with them? Leah even gave each of us our own pillows.

Meanwhile, my mom had found some old photos and my baby book , so we began to look through it while Leah sang us a song about being the Ninja Queen. After about twenty minutes, there was a knock at the closet door. It swung open, and there stood Dave holding CW, who giggled with glee to see us all crammed into the closet. He held out his arms to me and then nestled into my lap on my pillow. Dave went around to the other door and found a spot for himself in the closet hideout.

With the huge expanse of the house all around and below us, four adults, one Ninja Queen, and one toddler were squeezed into a cozy closet in the guestroom. We stayed that way for quite some time, laughing at the leather jacket JC still had from the 70’s, singing Leah’s ninja song, and passing around my baby book. It then occurred to us that we had an entire house to spread out in, and so we did. But, I have to say that I love my family and I love the fact that we can all be squeezed into a closet/ninja hideout together and still have a great time. And I love my daughter, who brings us together in a way that only a child could ever dream of.


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