Where Did All the Angles Go?

Leah has always been delicate. Her limbs were so skinny that I was always afraid to hug her too hard lest I accidentally break one of her bird-like bones. Her shoulder blades jutted out of her back, and her legs looked like the most adorable sticks I have ever seen. Overnight, it seems, she has begun to change.

I picked her up for a hug the other day and realized she felt different. She feels strong and solid now, and I squeezed her hard without worrying about damaging her delicate features. She has not gotten chubby or gained any weight, she is just muscular and… well, I don’t know how else to describe it. Her sweet baby features are gone and replaced by those of a kid.

My dainty baby girl is now a fiercely beautiful, strong, solid young lady.

I am in awe of her beauty, and yet I mourn how fast children change.


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