Have you ever heard the saying “Little boys are made of snakes, and snails, and puppy dog tails?”

Well, it isn’t true.

Little boys are rough and tumble. They are curious. They eat weird things, like mouthfuls of sand, and rocks. They climb because their intense curiosity gives them a need to see things from all perspectives. They can make any ordinary object into a toy, complete with sound effects. They will do anything for a laugh, and will laugh at anything. They love to smile at ladies in the grocery store, and those smiles are infectious. They put their heart and soul into temper tantrums because they want whatever they are throwing the tantrum over with their whole heart and soul. They are easily forgiving. They love their mamas with the deepest affections, and will always stop what they are doing to give a hug or a kiss. They turn the bathwater gray and at at the end of a summer’s day, their hair smells like sunshine.

Little boys need love and cuddles just as much as girls. They like to be rocked while they breath in the scent of their mothers. They love their sisters fiercely, but they love to torture them just as much.

Little boys are sweet, and funny, and kind.

Those are the things I have learned from my son.


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