A Thing of Beauty

I often say that things are just things, and it is people that are most important in my life. That is true, but I do place a lot of sentimental value on certain things. Some people may see furniture as just objects with which to fill your home. They serve a functional purpose, and then you redecorate and get more furniture.

This morning I received my first piece of furniture, however, that means the world to me. A dining room table. It is special on so many levels. First and foremost, it was handmade by one of our best friends in the world. Nick spent painstaking hours working on this table, his biggest project to date. I knew that it would be a thing of beauty, but now that I am looking at it in my dining room I am astounded by how absolutely stunning it is, and I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that this solid, sturdy, gorgeous table was made by someone we love so much.

Nick may or may not realize that he gave us so much more than a spot to put our plates down when we eat. He gave us a place to gather around each evening while we discuss our day, and a place that we can fit our extended families around to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. He created the place where Leah will do her homework and Christopher will learn to color in the lines. The place where we will decorate cookies at Christmas and host game nights with our friends.

It’s a beautiful table, but it is also so much more than that. Someday when Dave and I are older and I tire of hosting big family events (okay, as if that will ever happen!) we will pass this table down to Leah, and we will remind her that her Godfather lovingly built it with our family in mind.

Dave and I have worked so hard to get where we are. We have a home, we always have a pantry full of food, and now we are beginning to pick out things that are ours. In the past year we have become the owners of a stereo system, a king sized bed, and this table. But I have a feeling that the table will remain my favorite item in my home (besides the people!) for years to come. To our best friends- I can’t thank you guys enough. We can’t wait to have a meal at our new table with you!