It’s Been Too Long

I can’t believe that it has been over three months since I last published a blog post, and before that it was July. I truly apologize to those who enjoy and (hopefully) look forward to my posts. Life has been so busy and I have been living in the moment. That being said, I want to share some of those moments with you- be they funny, heartwarming, frustrating, or simple observations about life and motherhood. I also feel the need to record things here so that I can someday look back and remember these things.

Leah is still her smart and sassy self. She recently told me that she is “polytheistic” and she knew that it means to believe in many gods. She told me that she plans to leave sparkly things out as offerings whenever she needs to ask her gods for help! She is so smart and has a beautiful mind and heart! I am so proud of her.

Last week we got her long hair cut to just above her shoulders. At first I was apprehensive about letting her make such a big change, but then I reminded myself that it is just hair. Leah deserves to make decisions like that. And I have to say that her new style looks absolutely adorable!

Christopher remains my little mischief monkey and he gives us a run for our money every day! He is always getting into something, and doing it with that big mischievous grin and a sparkle in his eyes that I love. He is also a little sweetheart. We have all been sick this week, and the other night I had a coughing fit while holding him. He put his little hands on either side of my face and asked, “You okay, Mama?”

And as for me- well, I am hanging in there! I am working on my final semester before I will graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. I have decided to take a little break from school before pursuing my graduate degree. As I have told my mom, I need one holiday season where I am not scrambling to write final papers right up until Christmas Eve!

For those who follow me, I appreciate your patience. I will do better.