Sibling Love

I love watching the complex relationship that is forming between my two children. Sometimes, they love each other. They cuddle. Leah reads to Chris. He holds out a hurt finger for her to kiss it.

Other times they are co-conspirators, and I can hear them whispering plans, no doubt for some mischief. I was frosting a cake for a party the other day and Chris walked over and looked up at the counter.

“Mama,” he said, “What that?”

“It’s cake-” but before I could finish to say that it was for later, he was off and running to find his sister, yelling, “Leah! Cake!”

And then there are times, which come more often now as Chris gets older, where my kids are enemies. I referee endless arguments over who had what first. I punish Chris when he hauls off and smacks his sister. She purposely pushes his buttons, sure, but I have to teach him we can’t react with out hands (or whatever toy he whips at her head. The kid has great aim.) Even during these times, I have to turn my head away, to hide my smirk.

These children are so lucky to be born with a lifelong comrade. They may have periods where they are not friends, or even where they decide to hate each other. But still, they will always have a special bond, forged by being raised in the same environment. They will always have one another to fall back on. And deep down inside, they will always love one another.