Bouncy Ball Mystery

Yesterday I took the kids to get their hair cut at a place called Snip-It’s, which caters to children. If they are good during their haircut, they get a card to put into a slot and a prize comes out. The prize of the day were bouncy balls, and both children were ecstatic!

As soon as we got home, CW had to throw his ball across the house, and instantly lost it. We looked and looked, but couldn’t find the thing anywhere. After his bath time, I noticed that he was clutching Leah’s ball in his fist.

“Bud?” I asked, “What are you doing with Leah’s bouncy ball?”

“I wanna hide it from her, so it can be mine.” he replied.

I explained to him that I knew he was sad over losing his own ball, but that it doesn’t mean it would be okay to steal Leah’s without asking. I asked him how he would feel if Leah took one of his trains and hid it from him. He agreed that he would not like that very much!

So downstairs we went, and Chris went to return his sister’s ball to her, but my surprise she told him,

“It’s okay, Bud. I know you lost your ball, so you can have mine.”

My heart melted. Both of my children learned an important lesson yesterday. Chris learned that it is not okay to take things from others without asking, but that honesty can be rewarding. And Leah learned that it feels good to put others before yourself. And as for me, I could not be more proud of these amazing little humans that I am raising!


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