Worth Every Penny

Lately I have been feeling very stressed about finances. Last December, my husband and I were finally able to buy our dream home. This was an amazing goal for us to teach, but we are definitely feeling the strain, especially since I only work per diem.

My jobs ebbs and flows, and while there are times where I have tons of hours, right now is a time where there are hardly any. I have been half-heartedly applying for full-time work, but also considering the implications if I am to do so. How much will childcare cost? And most importantly, what will I be missing out on, and who can possibly care for my children well enough?

Wr make ends meet, but many sacrifices are made for me to be at home. In light of everything going on with Chris lately I don’t even know what we would do if I worked more.

Yesterday I had an epiphany. Christopher and I took a walk through the little village where we live in our new house, and found “the old iron spring”. Chris was delighted and loved sticking his feet in the water. When I asked if he was ready to head home yet he replied,

“Not yet mommy. I just wove it here with you!”

In that moment, my heart nearly burst with joy, and I knew that I have been making the right decisions all along. Every penny that I miss out on is worth the hugs, kisses, smiles, and memories that I am blessed to make with my children each day.

the sacrifices we make for me to be at home are nothing compared to the sacrifices I would make if I worked full time. Sure we would live more comfortably, but I would miss out on so much more important things. Being a mom is my calling.


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